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Wurtec, Inc.

URL: www.wurtec.com/ KeyCode: 13238

Wy’East Medical

Wy’East Medical is a leader in zero lift products for healthcare ergonomics and has been offering state-of-the-art Safe Patient Handling equipment to hospitals and healthcare facilities since 1989.

URL: http://wyeastmedical.com/ KeyCode: 13829

Wyoming Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is a federally-mandated health care and health insurance law. Wyoming citizens and employers are impacted by this law. Wyoming opposed the Affordable Care Act, and joined other states in a lawsuit to have the law overturned. The United States Supreme Court has upheld the law, and the Affordable Care Act will be implemented in Wyoming and across the country.  

Because the law impacts Wyoming citizens and employers, we believe it is our obligation to provide relevant factual information. The information is not intended to provide legal advice and it does not include all details found in the Act. Readers are encouraged to consult specific provisions of the Act and obtain advice from appropriate sources as

URL: http://doi.wyo.gov/consumers/types-of-insurance/health-insurance/affordable-care-act

Wyoming Assistive Technology Resource (WATR)

WATR is Wyoming's Assistive Technology Act program and a resource for all assistive technology (AT) needs in Wyoming. AT may be a device or solution that enhances an individual's ability to live, play, or work independently. AT can take the form of a device, tool, or adaptation that supports a person when participating in everyday activities and settings.

URL: http://www.uwyo.edu/wind/watr/ KeyCode: 9169

Wyoming Business Council

The mission of the Wyoming Business Council is to facilitate the economic growth of Wyoming.

URL: http://www.wyomingbusiness.org/ KeyCode: 20724

Wyoming Business Enterprise Program

The Business Enterprise Program is part of Vocational Rehabilitation, and serves eligible Vocational Rehabilitation clients who are interested in becoming self-employed. Clients have to be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services, and have to be at least significantly disabled in order to receive financial assistance for their start-up venture.

URL: http://www.wyomingworkforce.org/workers/vr/bep/

Wyoming Civil Rights

Enforces fair employment laws dealing with discrimination based on race, sex, creed, color, national origin, age, disability, or ancestry.

URL: http://www.wyomingworkforce.org/workers/labor/rights/ KeyCode: 11227

Wyoming Client Assistance Program/Protection and Advocacy

Protection & Advocacy System, Inc. (“P&A”), established in 1977, is a nonprofit corporation authorized by Congress to implement several federal laws to protect the human, civil and legal rights of people with disabilities. P&A has federal authority to gain access to facilities, records, and persons to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect. P&A also helps people obtain state and federally funded services, such as vocational rehabilitation, mental health, intellectual, traumatic brain injury, assistive technology devices and services, other disability services, voting rights, and access to facilities and programs. P&A focuses on civil rights and discrimination issues. P&A promotes systemic change to enhance quality of life for children and adults with disabilities. P&A provides legal representation and individual advocacy, education and training, including help with self-advocacy skills, and information and referral services.

URL: http://www.wypanda.com/ KeyCode: 15824

Wyoming Department of Insurance

The state insurance department receives, researches, investigates, and resolves individual consumer complaints against insurance companies, agents and brokers.The department provides educational materials and assistance for consumers regarding insurance questions and coverage provisions

URL: http://doi.wyo.gov/ KeyCode: 15545

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services is committed to helping people with disabilities establish and reach vocational goals that help them become productive working citizens. .

URL: http://wgcdd.wyo.gov/ KeyCode: 3132

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