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 We supply custom keyboards with specific legends for a wide range of workstations and programs. Custom legends, nonstandard graphic symbols, foreign language sets, colored keycaps, and keyboard stickers can be produced upon request to make any terminal as efficient as possible.

We'll customize your keycaps and keyboards in whatever symbols, colors, or languages you'd like. Our friendly and knowledgeable experts will guide you through the process of designing your custom keyboard.

We are fully scalable and can provide you with as many key sets as you need; however, you don't need to be a large corporation to benefit from our products. If your business has 20 or more employees working with the same software, Synctronics custom keyboards and key sets can improve your bottom line.

PO Box 91226
San Diego, CA 92169
Toll Free: (800) 444-5397
Local: (619) 275-3525
Fax: (619) 275-3520
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