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Return To Work Partners

Return To Work Partners is a full service Ergonomic Evaluation Service Provider.

  • They provide individual ergonomic assessments and department group assessments.

  • Competitive quotes for ergonomic equipment recommended, as outlined in our detailed evaluation reports.

  • Can arrange for purchase and delivery of ergonomic equipment.

  • Can install ergonomic equipment installed recommended, upon approval.

  • Can provide employee with training on how to properly use ergonomic equipment being provided.

  • Can help with staff moves and relocation of ergonomic equipment.

  • Can assist with repairs and replacement parts for key ergonomic components ie. chairs, keyboard trays, monitor arms, headsets ect...

201 E Willow St
Suite D#189
Signal Hill, CA 90755
Toll Free: (877) 984-7969
Fax: (877) 984-9901