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KNFB Reader, LLC

The features below make the KNFB Reader an excellent choice for capturing and reading documents on the go wherever you are.

  • Reading modes for single and multicolumn formats.
  • Text navigation by line, sentence, word and character.
  • Automatic text detection to enable hands-free operation or touch-free operation.
  • Synchronized text highlighting with Braille and high quality speech output.
  • Viewfinder for live field of view. Tilt guidance and report to assist with aligning the camera relative to the document.
  • Ability to import, OCR and read image based PDF and JPG. Export HTML and TXT files to cloud storage including Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Capture and read documents, brochures, pamphlets, and books.
  • The KNFB Reader can recognize and read printed materials in a variety of languages including: English, French, German, Dutch(Belgium), Dutch(Netherlands), Italian, S

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