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Kitchens' Karts

The Kitchens' Kart is just what you need for a trip to the Mall, Student Field Trip, A Trip to the Grocery Store or any other Event where long walking distances might be encountered. THIS IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH those great big, heavy, expensive Scooters you see advertised that require two men to lift into your vehicle.

The Kitchens' Kart only weights 52 pounds, will go 8 miles on a full charge with a 200 pound person. It folds up and will fit in the trunk of your car with all your other baggage. If you are flying, the Kart will take you from your car, to the baggage check-in, to the ticket counter, to the gate, down the jetway.

23 Comanche Lane
Ransom Canyon, TX 79366
Toll Free: (877) 211-8631
Local: (806) 829-2180
General Contact: