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Founded in 1993 by President and CEO Michael Rizzolo, Interpretek established a service enterprise based on community interpreting in the greater Rochester, NY area. We quickly earned a reputation for outstanding quality, high ethics, leadership, and dedication to the Deaf and hearing professional community. This respectability led to Interpretek becoming the largest and most recognized referral agency in the region.Our expertise goes beyond understanding American Sign Language, English sign systems, and the nuances between both languages. Our knowledge of Deaf culture ensures that we make appropriate choices when working with our clients. Our interpreters adhere to a strict code of professional conduct regarding each interpreting assignment.

Today, Interpretek serves eight metropolitan areas across the country in Rochester and Rome New York, Orlando and Jacksonville Florida, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Burlington, Vermont, Kansas City Missouri and Kansas, and Atlanta, Georg

Corporate Office
75 Highpower Road
Rochester, NY 14623
Toll Free: (888) 273-0277
Local: (585) 235-7500
TTY: (585) 235-7500
Fax: (585) 235-7882