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801. Writing Guides

These products are rigid pieces of plastic with a template cut out in order to assist individuals in tasks such as writing checks and signing documents.

802. Writing Surfaces (Wheelchairs)

Attachments for wheelchairs built and designed to assist with supporting notes and writing.

803. Writing/Editing Software

Writing or editing software can improve written work by reworking phrases, correcting grammar and usage errors, suggesting adjective or adverb enhancements, and/or modifying sentence structure.

804. Written Forms and Prompts

Providing and allowing the use of pre-filled forms, or forms that provide enough information to prompt the employee to provide the required response can be helpful.  Allowing the use of pre-printed labels to adhere may be helpful, too.

805. Written Instructions

Some individuals benefit from having directions and other instructions provided in writing. Example of this would include communicating through email when possible, providing transcripts of meetings, using agendas for trainings, and having checklists for tasks that need completed.

806. Zero Gravity (reclining) Chairs

Zero gravity or reclining chairs are designed to reduce stress on the spine by putting the individual in a "zero gravity" position. This type of chair elevates your feet to the same level as your heart. They can be used in combination with a supine workstation or independently for those needing to work in a reclined position.

Displaying 801 - 806 of 806 solution(s) «12...72737475767778798081»


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