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71. Apps for Mathematics

72. Apps for Memory

73. Apps for Miscellaneous Mental Health / Control of Anger & Emotions

74. Apps for Note Taking/ Writing

75. Apps for Organization/ Time Management

76. Apps for Pronunciation

77. Apps for Reading

Apps to help with reading disabilities including OCR, audiobooks, etc.

78. Apps for Sleep/ Fatigue

79. Arm Prosthetics

New technologies in arm/hand prostheses allow greater functional use, user comfort and natural looking appearances than in the past. Batteries, microcomputers, circuitry, lightweight materials and other advances have improved the life of people who have arm/hand amputations. Older technology relied on “hook” and other limited terminals. Today arm prosthetics include grippers/holders of tools and implements including carpentry and mechanic tools and aids for daily living such as eating utensils, cutlery and outdoor recreation devices. Durable, natural looking hand covers provide an attractive appearance, as well as, improved functionality.

80. Array Microphones

Array microphones are designed to capture the voices of multiple speakers and may be useful for conferencing, recording meetings, and connecting to assistive listening devices. They are typically used in conference room/small group settings.

Displaying 71 - 80 of 795 solution(s) «12...456789101112...7980»


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