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771. Wheelchair Lifts

Individuals with mobility impairments who use aids such as scooters, wheelchairs, and power chairs typically use some type of lift to access upper and lower levels of buildings. Individuals with mobility impairments may also be limited in climbing. Lifts may also maneuver individuals between floors or over steps. The vendors listed below provide a variety of options to meet household, industrial, and commercial needs.

772. Wheelchair Mounts

Mounts that attach directly to the wheelchair that can be used for phones, computers, and many other products.

773. Wheelchair Push Bars

Wheelchair accessories that make it easier for someone to push a wheelchair and its user from behind.

774. Wheelchair Push Extension Handles

Attachments for wheelchairs that make pushing them from behind easier for aids.

775. Wheelchair Pushers

Wheelchair pushers assist in pushing, stopping and steering wheelchairs and their riders.

776. Wheelchair Tie Downs

Products that secure wheelchairs to prevent rolling inside of moving vehicles.

777. Wheelchair Tire Covers

Wheelchair Tire Covers cover your tires to keep dirt and germs from being transferred to the floors, and prevent the wheelchair from leaving tire marks on the floor.

778. Wheelchair Trays

Tray attachments for wheelchairs.

779. Wheelchair Use

780. Wheelchairs

A variety of manual and power wheelchairs are available for purchase. Many brands come in several types, including large capacity, reclining, and lightweight.

Types of wheelchairs include:

For vendors and other general information on scooters see below.

Displaying 771 - 780 of 802 solution(s) «12...72737475767778798081»


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