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771. Wall Murals

Wall murals can make a small room look/feel very grand and open.

772. Water Safety

Devices that alert individuals when water is made dangerous or impassable by an electric current.

773. Waterproof Microphones

Microphones capable of working when wet, for use by pools and other areas where water is expected.

774. Wearable Anti-fatigue Matting

Wearable anti-fatigue matting can include a non-slip material that is fitted over shoes to provide a safer and more stable walking surface, and anti-fatigue insoles for your shoes.

775. Web Captioning

Services that provide captioning for live events, prerecorded videos, and other links to audio content available on the Web.

776. Website Accessibility Vendors

Website accessibility vendors offer tools and services to assist businesses with making Websites accessible.

777. Weighted Writing Implements

778. Wheelchair Accessible Lecterns

Lecterns that are height adjustable and accessible for individuals who use wheelchairs.

779. Wheelchair Accessible Scales

Scales which allow for an individual to be weighed without getting out of a wheelchair.

780. Wheelchair Accessories

Equipment that can be attached to scooters includes carrying bags/pouches, cane/crutch holders, oxygen tank holders, cup holders, eating trays, writing/reading trays, carrying baskets, trailers, rear-view mirrors, umbrellas and headlights.

Displaying 771 - 780 of 813 solution(s) «12...73747576777879808182»


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