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731. Vehicle Lifts and Manipulators

732. Vehicle Rear Vision System

A vehicle rear vision system might be used as an accommodation when a worker's ability to hear and see the environment is compromised. For example, a worker who is deaf who needs to operate a vehicle in the workplace, such as a forklift, may find it beneficial to see behind them when a mirror is not being used.

733. Vehicle Window Tinting and Shades

Ultraviolet radiation can pass through ordinary window glass, so filtering out these harmful rays can be paramount to the health of those who are photosensitive.  UV tinting is available through many dealers and auto-body shops.  It is important to note that some states have regulations on the how dark the windshield and front vehicle windows are allowed to be.  The following vendors can give prices and product information:


734. Vein Finders

For individuals who are having difficulty locating veins, one strategy is to use equipment to make the veins easier to see.  Vein finders are handheld devices that use light to help a healthcare provider visualize a patient’s vein structure.  Some can be used with hands-free stands or clamps.

735. Vent Covers

Vent covers are used to help control air flow during or block air flow when room temperature needs regulated.

736. Verbal Cues

Individuals with memory deficits may benefit from verbal cueing and reminders to help them remember important tasks, updates, daily chores, taking medication, etc.

737. Verbal Responses

An individual may request that communication be done orally instead of in a written format. When possible, the employee would be allowed to respond verbally to inquiries and questions, e.g., allowing telephone responses instead of e-mails.

738. Versatile Cameras

Versatile cameras, such as a GoPro, that can be used for various activities.

739. Veterans: Advocacy and Social Services Resources

740. Veterans: Business Resources

Displaying 731 - 740 of 813 solution(s) «12...707172737475767778...8182»


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