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721. US Business Leadership Network Affiliates

The USBLN® mission is to help business drive performance by leveraging disability inclusion in the workplace, supply chain, and marketplace.

722. UV Protection Shelters

UV shelters, such as tents or umbrellas, may be needed when job functions require an individual to work outdoors frequently. Contact the following companies for information regarding the protective gear they offer:

723. Vacuum Lifts

Equipment designed to use vacuum suction cup lifting to hold and relocate heavy weights while preventing potential damage to the material.

724. Vacuum Pickup Tools

Equipment designed to perform the lifting, holding, and relocating of small weights while preventing potential damage to the material.

725. Van Conversion

Products and services offered that can alter vans to mak them accessible for individuals with physical disabilities.

726. Vehicle Access Lifts

These are lifts and carriers that allow individuals in wheelchairs to easily board accessible vehicles.

727. Vehicle and Industrial Mirrors

The following is a non-inclusive list of vendors of mirrors used in industrial settings and for vehicles.

728. Vehicle Lifts and Manipulators

729. Vehicle Rear Vision System

A vehicle rear vision system might be used as an accommodation when a worker's ability to hear and see the environment is compromised. For example, a worker who is deaf who needs to operate a vehicle in the workplace, such as a forklift, may find it beneficial to see behind them when a mirror is not being used.

730. Vehicle Window Tinting and Shades

Ultraviolet radiation can pass through ordinary window glass, so filtering out these harmful rays can be paramount to the health of those who are photosensitive.  UV tinting is available through many dealers and auto-body shops.  It is important to note that some states have regulations on the how dark the windshield and front vehicle windows are allowed to be.  The following vendors can give prices and product information:


Displaying 721 - 730 of 809 solution(s) «12...697071727374757677...8081»


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