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691. Tools for Measuring Distances

692. Torque Multipliers

Wrenches and other equipment that easily increase the tension and pressure that can be applied for industrial work.

693. Touchscreens

Provides an alternative method of accessing information through the use of touch-screen techology. Good for individuals with motor-skill impairments who have difficulties using mice.

694. Tractor Modification

Seats, stairs and other attachments that allow easier access to tractors an farming equipment in general for the physically impaired or disabled.

695. Training Modifications

Training modifications can include:

696. Transcription Equipment

697. Transfer Aids

Transfer aids are devices that assist individuals in going from a sitting position to a standing position and vice versa. Transfer aids come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide range of uses. They can allow an individual to assist in independently transferring themselves, or eliminate the need to lift the patient entirely in the given situation.

698. Transfer Sheets

These are sheets that can be used to pick up and carry objects or individuals.

699. Transparent Window Shades

Transparent window shades reduce energy costs, eliminate glare, protect from UVA-UVB rays, and provide interior fade protection, while preserving the view.

700. Transportation Assistance

People with various limitations may have driving restrictions and need transportation assistance. Such assistance could include pairing the employee with a co-worker who can drive to meetings or events, transferring the employee to a position that does not require driving, adjusting the schedule so the employee can access public transportation, or helping to  facilitate a carpool with co-workers for transportation to/from work.  Some situations may be specific to the disability involved. For example, someone with epilepsy may need look at specific information about a state's regulations involving driving with epilepsy. This type of information can be found here: http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/living/wellness/transportation/drivinglaws.cfm 

Displaying 691 - 700 of 802 solution(s) «12...666768697071727374...8081»


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