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681. Telepresence

Telepresence refers to a type of technology that allows individuals to have a virtual presence in a location they are not physically present in. This can be anything from videoconferencing to robots controlled by the remote user.

682. Telescoping Cameras

Telescoping cameras allow individuals to transmit video images from high and low areas to eye level via a telescoping pole.

683. Telework, Work from Home, Working Remotely

Telework, within certain fields, can be an excellent alternative for employees who have conditions that make it difficult for them to leave their home or reliably travel to a place of work. Employers should consider if a job can be made compatible with telework for their employees and communicate their expectations and requirement for the job to be performed out of home. Allowing work from home during worksite or office construction; extremely hot, cold, or inclement weather; or parking renovations could be a reasonable accommodation. Learn more about telework:

684. Ten Keypads

Ten keypads are separated from a keyboard and give the numeric layout of a standard desktop keyboard or ten key. These movable keypads are small and can be used left or right handed on your desktop or laptop computer.

685. Tennis Equipment

Rackets, balls and other miscellaneous equipment made accessible for physically and mentally impaired individuals.

686. Test Tube Holders

687. Testing Accommodations

Students of any age that have certain mental impairments or thinking problems can benefit from extended testing times, quieter testing environments or personal assistants to help them read and understand questions which would otherwise not be permitted for standard tests.


688. Text Reader

Read text by scanning print material into a computer using optical character recognition. Features include voice output, hightlighting of text.

689. Threshold Ramps

Small ramps that can be installed over door thresholds without getting in the way of the door.

690. Timers and Watches

Watches and other devices with programmable alarms and timer programs.

Displaying 681 - 690 of 806 solution(s) «12...656667686970717273...8081»


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