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671. Talking Money Identifier

Devices that can scan dollar bills and relate their value to vision impaired individuals so they can keep their money in order.

672. Talking Prescription Labels and Bottles

Devices designed to scan and read pill bottle labels in an electronic voice.

673. Talking Scales

Weight scales with computer voice readouts for vision-impaired individuals. Available as full-person weight scales or countertop food scales to offer accurate weight readings to people who have difficulty reading the numbers.

674. Talking Tape Measures

Talking tape measures produce an auditory output of the desired length being measured.

675. Talking Telephones

Telephones, whether they be landline, VOIP, or mobile, can be made accessible to individuals with low and no vision. The following companies offer technology that includes magnification, screen reading, and other audible access functions.

676. Talking Thermometers

Thermometers with voice readouts of temperature.

677. Talking Watches

Talking watches are ideal for people who have difficulty understanding how time is measured.  A talking watch gives verbal announcement of the time using tiny, inexpensive voice chips that produce a synthesized, natural-sounding speech that makes it easy to tell time independently.

678. Tarping Systems

679. Task Analysis

Setting up step-by-step instructions for daily tasks can help individuals keep track of themselves and help them accomplish those tasks in a very clear and direct way.

680. Task Lighting

Displaying 671 - 680 of 813 solution(s) «12...646566676869707172...8182»


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