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41. Alternative Cleaning Supplies

Traditional cleaning chemicals can trigger limitations for people with chemical sensitivities, fragrance sensitivities, migraine headaches, asthma and other respiratory impairments. To prevent limitations like respiratory difficulty, headaches, nausea, and tightening of the throat, investigate the use of alternative, non-toxic cleaning products, and fragrance-free cleaning products and practices.

42. Alternative Dispute Resolution

These agencies provide arbitration support for unions, government, organizations, and private companies. They will help you find a qualified arbitrator and provide administrative support during the resolution process.

43. Alternative Input Devices

Alternative input devices are hardware or software solutions that allow users with a variety of impairments to access a computer in a different way. Alternative input devices allow the user to access a computer in whatever way works best for them such as using his/her feet, head, eye, mouth, breath, thumb, or a single finger. Some devices are activated by motion while others can be controlled with nerve or muscle signals, optical tracking, even brain activity and mind energy. For more information, see JAN's Accommodation and Compliance Series: Alternative Input Devices.

44. Alternative Keyboards

Alternative keyboards can be used by individuals with various impairments but are especially beneficial to individuals who experience pain and fatigue due to repetitive keyboard use. Because alternative keyboards come in many sizes and shapes, individuals with different body sizes and hand shapes, who are limited in fine motor manipulation, may benefit from using them. Alternative keyboards, sometimes called ergonomic keyboards or adjustable keyboards, may be fixed split keyboards, adjustable split, or contoured. Many increase typing comfort, and several can be positioned to accommodate individual preferences, including negative and positive tilt adjustments.

45. Alternative Lighting

Alternative lighting, such as incandescent lighting and LED light fixtures provide adequate task light without harmful UV radiation. LED lights are becoming more widely available. Contact the following companies for information regarding these products.

46. Alternative Locks

Some individuals with gripping limitations have difficulty grasping a key to lock or unlock a door, etc. Companies offer alternatives to the "traditional" key system.

47. Alternative Mice

An alternative mouse is a variation of the "traditional" mouse. Alternative mice usually are designed to help accommodate individuals with various fine motor limitations, spasticity, or other gripping limitation. For example, an individual who cannot grip a traditional mouse due to arthritis, carpal tunnel, or a hand injury may be able to move a cursor effectively with a glidepoint, trackball, joystick, or other device. Examples include:

48. Alternative Mice - Limiting Tremors

These alternative mice options were designed to reduce the effects of tremors and spasticity.

49. Amplified Stethoscopes and Related Products

Medical professionals with hearing loss may find it difficult to use a standard stethoscope. The following resources offer amplified stethoscope products for individuals who are hard of hearing, who cannot place ear tips in the ears due to ear deformity or hearing aid use, or for individuals who work in noisy environments and need amplification or noise attenuation.

For informative articles regarding stethoscopes and hearing aids, see Stethoscope Solutions for Hearing Aids and Stethoscope Hearing Aids: Keeping Medical Professionals with Hearing Loss Connected.

Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing who are working in the medical field may also want to take a look at a website devoted to medical professionals, the Association of Medical Professionals With Hearing Losses (AMPHL).

50. Animal Care

These are products for animal care. They are designed for pets who are elderly, injured, or who have disabilities.

Displaying 41 - 50 of 795 solution(s) «12345678910...7980»


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