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21. Adjustable Drafting Tables

Adjustable drafting tables allow individuals to adjust their writing and drawing surfaces.

22. Adjustable Exam Tables

Lifting, transferring, or examining patients can be difficult for individuals with certain impairments. Adjustable exam tables can be raised or lowered to the appropriate height necessary to examine, reposition, or assist patients in healthcare settings. 

23. Adjustable Massage Tables

Tables that can adjust at different angles and elevations to comfot guests as well as masseuse and massage therapists at a reasonable posture.

24. Adjustable Pedicure Chairs

These pedicure chairs have fully adjustable footrests, which would allow the technician to adjust the footrest to a height most comfortable for them. In addition, many of the stools that the technicians sit on are fully adjustable.

25. Adjustable Workstations for Industrial Settings

Desks and tables that are adjustable allow individuals who use mobitily aids, have to alternate between sitting and standing positions, or use various types of chairs to be more comfortable. Adjusting a working surface to meet individual needs increases their comfort and access.

26. Adjustable Workstations for Office Settings

Accessible workstations are desks and tables that are adjustable and allow individuals who use mobility aids to access them. They may also allow an individual to alternate between sitting and standing positions or use various types of chairs to be more comfortable.

27. Adult Changing Tables

28. Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts (sometimes called platform lifts or manlifts) are used to access materials at heights out of reach. They often replace climbing a ladder and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including smaller lifts called scissor lifts and platform lifts and intermediate lifts called maintenance lifts.

29. Aide/Assistant/Attendant

A person who performs certain job-related tasks for a person with a disability to help overcome limitations resulting from the disability. Examples include a page turner for a person who has no hands, or a travel attendant to act as a sighted guide to assist a blind employee on work-related travel. For more information, see JAN's Accommodation and Compliance Series: Personal Assistance Services (WPAS) in the Workplace.

30. Air Cleaners & Purifiers

Indoor air cleaning systems may help to reduce levels of  allergens and pollutants in indoor air to create a cleaner, healthier work and home environment. There are a number of different types of air cleaners and filtration systems; HEPA, ULPA, carbon filter, electrostatic, electret, negative-ionizing, UV, and ozone generators. It's important to know the air cleaning needs for the situation when selecting an appropriate system. A word of caution is needed when choosing an air purifier. These are less effective in large areas and need to be designed for specific irritants. For example, certain air purifiers will not work for fragrances but will work for smoke. It's important to work with a vendor to make certain of what can be effective for the situation.

Displaying 21 - 30 of 802 solution(s) «12345678910...8081»


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