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11. Accessible Vehicles

Vehicles with built in access support for wheelchair users and otherwise impaired individuals.

12. Accessories for Scooters

Equipment that can be attached to scooters includes carrying bags/pouches, cane/crutch holders, oxygen tank holders, cupholders, eating trays, writing/reading trays, carrying baskets, trailers, rear-view mirrors, umbrellas and headlights.

13. ADA Consulting

14. ADA Station Relocators

Allows easier accessibility for ADA regulated devices such as fire alarms.

15. Adapted Toys

Individuals with certain limitations, such as those with limited mobility, may have difficulty using recreational equipment. Adaptive items, such as toys, can provide a way for individuals to participate in various activities. 

16. Adaptive Chopsticks

Chopsticks designed for individuals with limited dexterity. Designed with springs to keep both sticks together and assist with the motion of picking up food with minimal effort.

17. Adaptive Clothing

People with disabilities sometimes need clothing that is easier to put on and take off than most clothing. Many clothing manufacturers offer a line of clothing designed specifically for people with disabilities. Such clothing includes various features, such as velcro closers, open back shirts and jackets, wheelchair accessories, and customized clothing.

18. Adaptive Sports

19. Additional Training Time / Training Refreshers

Some employees with various limitations may require additional, detail-oriented training to help them learn to do their job tasks or to enhance their knowledge of their duties. Due to difficulties with memory associated a condition or from medications taken, an employee might benefit from training refreshers, whether given in part of in full, extended time with a trainer, or the use of alternate materials.

20. Adjustable and Ergonomic School Desks and Equipment

Adjustable school desks and workstations allow the furniture height to be adjusted. Depending upon a particular product, the furniture may be adjusted using a hand crank, electronic motor, or wing-nuts. They may also allow an individual to alternate between sitting and standing positions or use various types of chairs to be more comfortable.

Displaying 11 - 20 of 813 solution(s) «12345678910...8182»


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