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171. Communicate Another Way

Individuals who have difficulty communicating orally may be able to communicate effectively by typing, writing, or using sign language. In addition, individuals who have difficulty communicating in writing may be able to communicate effectively orally.

172. Communication Access Technologies

The following companies offer communication access technologies that are uniquely designed to be used by and with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. The software products and equipment offer such features as: Speech to Text, Speech to Video Sign Language, Speech to Computer Generated Voice, Text to Computer-generated Voice Or Video Sign Language, or face-to-face text communication solutions.

173. Compact Ladders

Ladders of various sizes that can be collapsed or made compact and easily transportable.

174. Compact Material Handling

Compact material handling devices are small and portable enough to work in office or tight storeroom environments. These lifting and carrying devices have platforms that are variable heights. Activation of the horizontal lifting surface is typically powered by batteries, hydraulic foot pumps, or hand cranks. Ball transfer tables may be added to the horizontal-lifting surface. This reduces the push and pull force needed to move materials to and from the lifting device. Products from this category help individuals with lifting or carrying restrictions resulting from back, neck, shoulder, heart, and various repetitive strain injuries.

175. Compact Mobile Cranes

Compact mobile cranes are devices meant to do heavy lifting while also being constructed to be portable and easy to use. They are often used in construction projects.

176. Computer Aided Transcription (CAT)

Computer aided transcription (CAT) is for anyone who uses a computer and who uses common words or phrases frequently in their work. CAT allows you to simply enter abbreviations for those phrases or words, and the computer writes it out for you.

177. Computer Braille Display

A computer Braille display operates by raising and lowering different combinations of pins electronically to produce in Braille what appears on your computer screen. The display is refreshable meaning that the configuration of Braille changes continuously as the user moves around on the screen. The Braille display sits on the user's desk, often underneath the computer keyboard. Braille displays provide direct access to information on the computer screen and is quiet.

178. Computer Glasses

Glasses made to read digital screens easier.

179. Computer Phone Software

Allows users to make phone calls and hold conversations using the hardware available from their computer.

180. Computers for Vehicles

Multi-purpose computers that can be installed and operated inside of vehicles.

Displaying 171 - 180 of 813 solution(s) «12...141516171819202122...8182»


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