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141. Catalogs -- Vision Related Products

JAN does not recommend or endorse any products or services and cannot make any statement regarding the effectiveness of the products. JAN encourages contacting manufacturers and vendors for more information to identify products that will meet individual needs. This is a non-inclusive list.

142. Catheter Devices

143. Cellular Telephone Technology: Deaf & Hard of Hearing

The following companies offer accessible cell phone solutions for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. If you are looking for amplifiers, a TTY that can be used with a cell phone, a hearing aid compatible headset for use with cell phones, Bluetooth technology, and hearing aid compatible cell phones, see the links provided below.

When researching cellular phones, ask the wireless service provider about the opportunity to test the phone before you buy. If you are seeking a phone that will couple with a hearing aid's microphone, look for phones that have a rating of M3 or M4. A higher "M" rating indicates that the phone will be less likely to interfere with a hearing aid. If you are seeking a phone that will couple with a hearing aid's telecoil, look for phones that have a rating of T3 or T4. A higher "T" rating means the phone is less likely to interfere with the hearing aid when in the telecoil mode. This information comes from CTIA - The Wireless Association (www.accesswireless.org).

For information regarding Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rulings related to cellular telephones go to: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/hac.html

144. Chair Mats

Non-slip surfaces that can be laid out across a floor for chairs to be put on to prevent slipping and keep people safely seated for a period of time.

145. Chairs and Stools for Medical Services

Chairs and stools that are specifically made for medical services can be beneficial for many worksites where environments are dependent on being sterile.

146. Chairs for Little People

Chairs designed and built to be accessible for little people

147. Chairs for People who are Tall

Chairs designed and built to be accessible for people who are tall.

148. Chairs with Adjustable Footrest

A footrest either attached to the chair or a separate product. It promotes posture and circulation by keeping feet and legs elevated. Most lab chairs have adjustable footrests.

149. Chairs with Head Support

Office chairs with high backs for neck support.

150. Checklists

Some employees may require a checklist to keep them on task and on schedule due to memory or attention deficits.

Displaying 141 - 150 of 804 solution(s) «12...111213141516171819...8081»


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