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121. Braille Telephones

Telephones with braille on the keypad to assist vision-impaired individuals with dialing numbers and using other phone operations.

122. Braille Transcription Services

The following companies offer Braille and alternative format services. Contact these services to learn more about pricing and availability.

123. Braille Translation Software

Braille translation software is used to produce Braille from a computer to a Braille printer or embosser.

124. Braille TTY

Texting and communication devices designed to assist blind and low-vision individuals to relay messages to others.

125. Break Reminder Software

Software designed to keep individuals who have trouble focusing on a schedule and to keep them from overworking.

126. Breath and Mouth Controlled Alternative Computer Input Devices

A sip and puff mouth controlled mouse alternative for quadropalegic individuals and others who have lost the mobility to operate a traditional comptuer mouse.

127. Brooms

Brooms made accessible for physically impaired individuals.

128. Building Accessibility Products

Automatic door openers and other devices that allow special-needs individuals to enter buildings.

129. Bump Caps

Bump caps protects the scalp by reducing exposure to abrasions and lacerations caused by minor bumps to the head.

130. Cake Decorating and Baking Equipment

Equipment designed to relieve strain and stress from creating cookie and cake molds and loading them onto a pan.

Displaying 121 - 130 of 802 solution(s) «12...91011121314151617...8081»


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