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111. Boat Access

112. Body Protection

Clothes and body covering with layers offering protection from damage from dangerous working environments.

113. Bone Conduction Technology

Sound travels to a person's ears as vibrations, which are transmitted though the air and through the person's bones. For some people with hearing loss, the ability to receive sound transmission through the air may be limited or unattainable. Bone conduction technology explores the development of communication products that focus on the use of a person's bones to transmit sound.

114. Book Holders

Book holders or book stands can be useful for individuals who need to hold a book open or view the pages of a text but find it difficult to do so because of hand, arm, shoulder, neck, or other limitations that effect the upper extremities. Book holders can be placed on a desk or surface and many can be elevated or positioned for easier viewing.

115. Bowling Equipment

Individuals with certain limitations, such as those with limited mobility, may have difficulty using recreational equipment. Adaptive items, such as bowling equipment, can provide a way for individuals to participate in various recreational activities. 

116. Box Cutters

Easy to use cardboard cutting knives that retain a natural grip and wrist posture for individuals with poor hand movements.

117. Braille and/or ADA Signage

Braille and/or "ADA" signage can make designated areas accessible by providing proper character height/width, color contrast, Braille and raised characters.

118. Braille Labelers

119. Braille Notetakers and Personal Digital Assistants

A braille notetaker is a small, portable device that has a braille keyboard for entering information. The stored information may be accessed through a built-in speech synthesizer, a braille display, or both. PDAs provide advanced word processing, web browsing, and other functions.

120. Braille Printers & Embossers

Devices that print paper with tactile ink that creates braille bumps as read from a text document.

Displaying 111 - 120 of 802 solution(s) «12...8910111213141516...8081»


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