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2. Absorptive Filters/ Anti-glare Glasses

3. Accessibility Resources for Meeting and Presentation Planning

4. Accessible Baby Changing Stations

Installable commercial baby changing platforms for restrooms and private areas that can be made with disabled individuals in mind.

5. Accessible Copiers

Individuals who use wheelchairs, have vision impairments, and/or are limited in reach and fine motor manipulation may need adaptations to general office equipment. One recent development has been accessible copier adaptations.

6. Accessible Laboratory Equipment

These vendors provide equipment for use in laboratory settings.

7. Accessible Lectern/Podium

Accessible Lecturn/Podium are designed to allow a presenter who uses a wheelchair use of a surface to present from. Some of the companies offer a universal access podium which is height adjustable. Other companies offer a stationary podium designed according to accessibiltiy guidelines.

8. Accessible Mobile Phones

Accessibility software can be added to certain mobile phones and communicators to make them more accessibile to people who are blind or visually impaired. The American Fondation for the Blind (AFB) has evaluated accessible cell phones. For more information on their reviews, go to:  Accessible features may include voice output, easily identifiable keys, and message & battery level indicators.

9. Accessible Parking Space

Providing accessible parking spaces with an unobstructed and easily traveled path into the workplace may be an effective accommodations for individuals with a variety of limitations. For guidance on how to design a space, see:


10. Accessible Software for Webbing

Displaying 1 - 10 of 829 solution(s) «12345678910...8283»