SOAR - MM 550-X
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MM 550-X

MM 550-X MM 550-X

No matter how noisy your environment, NoiseGard™ 2.0 active noise canceling technology cuts out the background noise that makes it difficult to carry out normal conversations without raising your voice. Connect it wirelessly to your mobile, laptop, iPad or any other Bluetooth®-enabled device and take charge of phone and Skype calls, music or audio books.

Incredible surround
The MM 550-X TRAVEL features SRS surround for immersive listening. Switch it on to experience the full benefits of a surround soundscape and get the most out of your music collection. As an added benefit, the headset enhances the latest apt-X®-enabled mobile phones and computers with supreme CD-quality sound reproduction – getting a wider soundscape out of the Bluetooth® connection than ever before.

No fuss control
A must for travelers, the MM 550-X TRAVEL comes with Sennheiser’s TalkThrough™ function, which lets you speak to a friend or flight attendant without removing the headset. Just press a button and an external invisible microphone lets you hear everything that is going on around you. When you are flying, simply connect the cable provided in the convenient travel case and keep listening.

The MM 550-X TRAVEL comes with volume and playlist controls integrated on the ear cup, to save you from scrabbling for your mobile phone, iPod, iPad or laptop. And because the closed-back capsule design of the ear caps enhances passive noise reduction, you can keep your music entirely personal and relax in the knowledge that you won’t be irritating fellow travelers.

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