SOAR - iPad/Tablet HandPointer
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iPad/Tablet HandPointer

iPad/Tablet HandPointer iPad/Tablet HandPointer

Love the iPad!  Love how it's changed our fields of AT/AAC so radically! But people that cannot point with a finger cannot access the beautiful interface and computing experience, from instructional materials, to web surfing, email, Facebook, Twitter, and all that able-bodied persons take for granted.
For those that find accessing the iPad directly ('direct select') to be a challenge, but don't want to resort to an assistive device (such as my iPad VoiceOver Controller, or a switch interface that gives 'global' ipad access), then, if they have fine motor control over their hand, I can *give* them a pointer finger!

With my spiffy Velcro strap, that secures around the hand *and* the wrist, and can be cut to need, my HandPointer can be positioned in many positions.

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