SOAR - Talk 4 With Levels
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Talk 4 With Levels

Talk 4 With Levels Talk 4 With Levels

Our Talk 4 and Talk 8 Augmentative Communicators are powerful communication tools loaded with useful features. The Talk 4 has 12 levels and single switch illuminated auto scanning. It has a slot so you can easily slide in your icon overlay. The Talk 8 has 12 levels for Two Switch scanning, Automatic scanning, Inverse scanning, and Step scanning. The 2 1/8" x 2 1/8" icon area requires only the slightest touch to play your “true voice” recording. The rugged and reliable Talk 4 and Talk 8 are portable, lightweight and easy to access.
• 12 Levels with 300 seconds of record time
• Recordable level announcer
• Single jack automatic scanning w/LED illumination
• True Voice recording quality
• Adjustable scanning speed (3 speeds)
• Volume Control
• On/Off Auditory Cueing
• Removable, Adjustable carrying strap
• Easy to use slide in overlay track
• Light touch switch membrane
• Optimal Ergonomic 25° angle switch access
• Portable, Durable and weights under one pound
• Optional vibrating feedback

Requires 4 AA Batteries. (Picture icons shown not included).

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