SOAR - Round Magnifier - 4.5X Power (Fresnel)
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Round Magnifier - 4.5X Power (Fresnel)

Round Magnifier - 4.5X Power (Fresnel) Round Magnifier - 4.5X Power (Fresnel)
One of the most powerful sheet magnifiers on the market today, this round shaped "Fresnel" has crisp optics and minimal glare. 4.5X magnification is almost unheard of for a magnifier with this large viewing area. The technology fuses hundreds of tiny, powerful magnifier strips together until it creates one big unit. Though you can feel the "grids", they are imperceptible when reading. 4.5 may not SOUND like a large number, but imagine that it will make 8 pixel font appear to be over 32 pixels!! It will more than quadruple anything you look at. The equivalent power in reading glasses would be over a +16 diopter.
  • Size: 6" round
  • Power: 4.5X


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