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Complete Servox Inton Electro Larynx Speech Aid S

Complete Servox® Inton Electro Larynx Speech Aid Starter Kit. Complete Servox Inton Electro Larynx Speech Aid S

Small, light, and comfortable, the classic, original design Inton unit has been in production for many years. The Servox Inton Speech Device was developed in order to help patients make themselves understood as soon as possible after their laryngectomy operations.

The Servox Inton essentially takes the place of vocal cords. When placed against the throat, the device generates ultrasonic vibrations and transmits them over a membrane into the pharynx, mouth and nose area. A clear and intelligible voice emerges through the natural speech movements. The Inton's dual buttons allow more flexibility in pitch, volume and intonation.

More information: http://www.brucemedical.com/serinspeecai.html


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