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Ensemble ClearCaptions 50dB Amplified Captioning TouchScreen Phone

Ensemble 50dB Ensemble ClearCaptions 50dB Amplified Captioning TouchScreen Phone

The best amplified captioning touch screen phone that allows users to hear amplified conversations while reading them on screen at the same time just got even better and FREE IN-HOME SETUP IS PROVIDED!

Updated with innovative and exciting features, the all-new Ensemble amplified captioned phone from Clarity is an easy-to-use 50dB amplified telephone featuring FCC certified ClearCaptions technology that provides captions for FREE. Through an 8-inch tablet-based display, Ensemble ClearCaptions captures conversations in real time to provide users with both precise text and clear listening.

Ultimately, Ensemble ClearCaptions creates the most accurate phone conversation possible and is the best solution for those who are living with hearing loss.

More information: http://www.hearmore.com/store/prodView.asp?idproduct=11677&idstore=6&product=Ensemble-50dB-Amplified-Captioning-TouchScreen-Phone


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