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Ameriphone Q-90D Digital TTY-VCO

Ameriphone Q-90D Digital TTY-VCO Ameriphone Q-90D Digital TTY-VCO

The Ameriphone Q-90D Digital TTY/VCO is a powerful, dual-purpose TTY. Stylish, lightweight, portable and full-featured, yet easy to use. Works with many cellular phones and cordless phones (phone must have 2.5mm plug outlet). True mobility and convenience. Now you can go anywhere the conversation takes you. The stylish Q90 gives you more flexibility and mobility than ever before. It works with TTY-compatible digital cellular phones, as well as many cordless phones. The Q-90 features a built-in text answering machine with remote message retrieval. A large, two-line display makes text easier to read, while a full-size keyboard with 68 keys makes typing more natural. It has a built-in microphone for hands free voice calls (VCO). Optional speakers can be used for hearing carry over (HCO) calls. Some of the other features included are: Bright visual ring flasher announces incoming calls including incoming cell phone calls, 32K conversation and incoming message memory, Hi-Speed code sends text at twice the standard speed-type as fast as you want for quicker, more economical calls. The Ameriphone Q90 TTY/VCO can be used with Q90 mini-printer and LVD (Large Visual Display). Use it at home, office, your car - just about anywhere Comes with A/C adapter, rechargeable batteries and 2.5mm connector cord for cell/cordless phones. Comes with a 1-year mfg. warranty.

More information: https://www.btpi.com/_PL-Q90D_Ameriphone-TTY/VCO.htm


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