SOAR - SHH - Do Not Wake the Baby Kit - 318 MHz
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SHH - Do Not Wake the Baby Kit - 318 MHz

SHH - Do Not Wake the Baby Kit - 318 MHz SHH - Do Not Wake the Baby Kit - 318 MHz

The SHH!... Don't Wake the Baby Kit combines three Silent Call products: a Telephone Transmitter, a Wireless Doorbell Transmitter and a Sidekick Receiver with Strobe, to provide a visual notification when the phone or the doorbell rings.

Why you want it:
Once the baby finally falls asleep, the last thing you want is to have a telephone call or doorbell ring wake them up.

With the "SHH, Don't Wake the Baby Kit", you will know when the telephone rings or when someone is at the door - and not worry about a ringing phone or doorbell disturbing the baby.

When the doorbell or telephone transmitter is activated it will silently send a signal to the connected Sidekick Receiver with Strobe. The strobe will flash to alert you and indicator lights will show which transmitter has been activated, so you get an instant visual notification whether it's the phone or doorbell you need to answer. (Helpful hint: Don't forget to turn the telephone ringer off!)

In addition to being helpful for parents and grandparents, this is a great alerting system for the deaf and hard of hearing.

The "SHH, Don't Wake the Baby Kit" includes the following 3 components:
1. Silent Call Sidekick Receiver with Strobe (SC9214):
- Receives signals from Silent Call transmitters
- Strobe flashes 12-15 seconds
- Strobe light meets the 110 candela requirements
- 100-foot operating range
- Can also be used with bed vibrator (sold separately)
- Easy to install - plugs into standard electrical outlet

2. Silent Call Telephone Transmitter (SC1002-1):
- Sends a signal to Silent Call receivers
- Connects to a standard modular jack
- 100-foot operating range
- Requires one 9 volt battery (included)

3. Silent Call Wireless Doorbell Transmitter (SC1003-4):
- When button is pushed, sends signal to Silent Call receivers (except Shake Up)
- Easy to install with 2 small screws
- Requires one 23AE 12-volt battery (included) - Measures 4 in. H x 1.5 in. L x 1 in. W

NOTE: All components come with a 5 year manufacturer's limited warranty.

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