SOAR - 8x X-Vision Binocular
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8x X-Vision Binocular

8x X-Vision Binocular 8x X-Vision Binocular

These compact and light weight binoculars are ideal for low vision applications as well as for use at sporting events and for recreational use. 

Features include multi-coated lenses, reverse Porro prisms, semi-internal focus and diopter adjustment, with carrying case and strap. Rubber eye pieces fold back for ease of use by spectacle wearers. 


  • Magnification: 8 x 21

  • Lens Coating: Full magenta coating

  • Lens Size: 0.82 in.

  • Field of view: 7 degrees

  • Weight: 5.9 oz.

  • Accessories: Hand strap and flat bag (included)

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