SOAR - BOSCH 1575A, Foam Rubber Cutter
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BOSCH 1575A, Foam Rubber Cutter

BOSCH® 1575A, Foam Rubber Cutter BOSCH 1575A, Foam Rubber Cutter
  • Blades and guides (sold separately) in four different lengths - to suite the thickness of the workpiece and application
  • Twin counter-reciprocating blade action - Ensures precise cutting, plus low vibration and noise
  • Footplate with wheels (sold separately) - Allows tool assembly to roll on to worktable or floor to ensure perpendicular cut and to keep blade guide from dragging and scratching table or floor
  • Tool-free blade change system - For fast and easy blade changes
  • Slim motor housing - For comfortable grip
  • Lock-on feature - For periods of extended use
  • Double insulated
  • Long, paddle-type switch - For easy activation

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