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Swiftpoint Alternative Mouse SwiftPoint

Never rely on a touchpad again. The Swiftpoint mouse gives you all the functions of a traditional mouse but operates next to your laptop's touchpad. It works anywhere your laptop works, so you never have to rely on a touchpad againIt’s small, wireless and goes wherever you go. You can use the Swiftpoint mouse on the palmrest next to your laptop’s touchpad, or on a desk surface just like a traditional mouse. The Swiftpoint mouse is fast and accurate. Research shows that the Swiftpoint mouse design is 30-40% more efficient than a touchpad. The intuitive pen-like grip does away with uncomfortable hand cramps commonly experienced with small mice. The Swiftpoint mouse points and clicks like a traditional mouse. Its easy-to-use scroll wheel helps you navigate through documents quickly, or zoom in for a closer look.

More information: http://www.infogrip.com/swiftpoint.html


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