SOAR - Combo/TTY/VCO Phone
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Combo/TTY/VCO Phone

Combo/TTY/VCO Phone Combo/TTY/VCO Phone

This multifunctional phone has a variety of options for individuals with any degree of hearing loss, permitting TTY, VCO, HCO and traditional phone calls. A great phone for the whole family!

  • Volume control in handset
  • Vull keyboard for TTY use
  • Perfect for VCO or HCO calling
  • Auto ID lets people know a TTY is calling
  • Turbo Code
  • Call Progress keeps you apprised of your call's status
  • 3 one-touch emergency keys and 10 memory dial buttons
  • VCO request key: "VCO PLS GA"
  • Programmable auto answer greeting
  • Flashing ringer
  • 8K memory

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