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Interact-AS is used to remove multiple communication barriers:

  • Individuals who are Deaf can directly communicate with people who do not know sign language;
  • A person that is Hard-of-Hearing can now instantly see a closed-caption transcript of what’s being said, be it a conversation, a conference room discussion, a radio broadcast, or a video program;
  • People that have difficulty writing or typing but have verbal skills, can use their voice to dictate memos, answer test questions, or generate text for documents and emails;
  • Interact-AS gives a voice back to individuals who have lost the ability to speak (e.g., ALS patients) by voicing aloud whatever a person types or writes; and
  • With the optional Language Modules, Interact-AS instantly translates conversations to and from foreign languages.

More information: http://www.speechgear.com/img/newsletter/AS_PressRelease/Interact-AS_Professional_and_Consumer_Editions.html


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