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Kinesis Advantage for PC

 Kinesis Advantage USB  Kinesis Advantage USB  Kinesis Advantage USB  Kinesis Advantage USB Kinesis Advantage for PC

The Kinesis Contoured Keyboard family is based on a unique, patented design that minimizes the pain and strain typists experience from heavy use of conventional computer keyboards. Yet productivity is greater than with any other keyboard, leading to its popularity with programmers and medical transcriptionists.

This ergonomic design resulted from years of research and testing and has proven itself in more than ten years of commercial use. Kinesis contoured keyboards are prescribed by physicians and placed by therapists dealing with keyboard-related overuse injuries.

The Advantage USB contoured keyboard sets a new standard for ergonomic keyboards. The Advantage line incorporates the same advanced ergonomic design as Kinesis' other contoured keyboards and delivers additional features not found on other USB keyboards.

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