SOAR - Ultratec Supercom 4400 TTY
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Ultratec Supercom 4400 TTY

Ultratec Supercom 4400 TTY Ultratec Supercom 4400 TTY

The Supercom 4400™ is an economical TTY model that is loaded with features. Use it in direct connect mode or acoustic mode.

  • Turbo Code®
  • 32K memory - let's you save and review conversations, greeting messages, memos, and phone numbers
  • Auto ID
  • Direct connect for plugging TTY directly into a phone line
  • User programmable Relay Voice Announcer
  • Auto-answer with remote retrieval (built in TTY answering machine)
  • Auto-Busy Redial, keyboard and directory dialing
  • Bright ring flasher notifies you of incoming calls, interruption requests and more!
  • Tilted, 20 character display
  • 2 phone jacks
  • Printer port
  • Rechargeable batteries

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