SOAR - HuntMaster Hunting Blind
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HuntMaster Hunting Blind

HuntMaster Hunting Blind HuntMaster Hunting Blind

The Huntmaster, a wheelchair accessible hunting blind, is designed for hunters who can no longer climb or choose not to climb trees to reach hunting blinds. The Huntmaster can quietly go from ground level to a comfortable elevated position of 21 feet. It features a 6’ X 5.5’ compartment, a failsafe hydraulic system (powered by a heavy duty 12V deep cycle battery recharged by a solar panel), four steel beam outriggers and adjustable stabilizers. The Huntmaster comes complete with shooting openings on all sides, and at a gross weight of 5,500 pounds can be towed by almost any vehicle with a standard trailer hitch. Hydraulic controls in both the inside and outside allow for one person set-up and operation.

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