SOAR - Order Picker Maintenance Lift
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Order Picker Maintenance Lift

Order Picker Maintenance Lift Order Picker Maintenance Lift

Manually propelled one person lift.

Totally enclosed 26” x 28” platform with 42” guardrails, mid rails and gate.

Welded compact base 32” x 63” allows lift to pass through doorways, no outriggers required.

Rolls effortlessly on two locking swivel and two rigid 6” casters.

Both hands are required to operate controls for user safety 12V DC power source complete with battery and charger for raising and lowering.

Alternate power sources available, 80 to 100 raise and lower cycles between charges with two models to choose from: Ground entry (OP-10*) raises to 9’6” and contains two 24” x 24” shelves on base. (*Shelf that raises and lowers with platform not included).

One Step Entry (OP-11) raises to 10’6” and contains two 18” x 24” shelves on base and a 20” x 28” shelf that raises and lowers platform, standard.

Finish is deep gray enamel paint. Also available with powder coat safety orange finish. – 300 lb. weight capacity – Meets/exceeds ANSI safety standards

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