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SoyClean Dry Erase Marker Board Restorer 22 oz

SoyClean Dry Erase Marker Board Restorer 22 oz SoyClean Dry Erase Marker Board Restorer 22 oz

Green Dry Erase Marker Board Restorer SoyClean Dry Erase Marker Board Restorer 22 oz. Spray Bottle is a 100% natural, soy-based, non-toxic cleaning product that rinses away with water. It removes all colors of dry erase markers from white-boards and removes shadow tracings, tape mastic, ghosting and stubborn, hard to remove markings. It deep cleans the surface and restores it like new. Product details: 100% all natural ingredients Soy based formula Environmentally friendly Non-toxic No caustic fumes Biodegradable Non flammable Non abrasive To use: Shake contents for at least 30 seconds before application and occasionally during application. Apply a light to moderate mist in a small test area first to judge application rate, time, and suitability. Allow about 30 seconds for the cleaner to work. For tough stains, reapply and allow more time. Wipe the treated surface with a soft cloth or paper toweling. SoyClean contains natural soybean oil and can leave a slight film. If filmexists use a damp cloth and a mild soap to remove the film. Properly dispose of all toweling or cloths used in the removal of the marker

More information: http://www.amazon.com/SoyClean-Erase-Marker-Board-Restorer/dp/B003ZJNO9W


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