SOAR - Limited Mobility Fishing Mount
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Limited Mobility Fishing Mount

Limited Mobility Fishing Mount Limited Mobility Fishing Mount

The Model FM200 is a limited mobility fishing mount built on our standard seat pan. It is designed to be used by anyone that does not have the ability to hold the rod. The rod can be manually cast and then placed into the mount by either the user or a fishing buddy. The mount allows the user to pull back to set the hook and has resistance in the forward motion to keep the fish on the line. The mount also has two handles which can be positioned in eight different spots on either side of the mount for maximum comfort. It allows the user to be able to adjust it for right or left hand use. One handle is a forearm roller to allow the user to lay their arm on the roller and push the arm forward and back making it much easier to operate the reel. The mount will swivel left and right and the tension is easily adjusted to match the user's ability.

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