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Mobi 3

Mobi 3 Mobi 3

The high specification talking technology device and accessible PC that combines mobility and performance in an elegant way. Standard features include Mind Express 4 and Windows 10, making Mobi 3 a total solution that allows users to communicate via text or symbols – directly from person to person, via the Internet or by phone.


Power and design

The Mobi 3 is equipped with a large 4:3 12” display that automatically adjusts its brightness for the ambient light level. The Mobi 3 includes the ability to control appliances at home, send text messages and make telephone calls via the internal phone option.


Two versions are available: capacitive touch screen version activated by finger press and resistive touch screen version activated by any object, fingernails, stylus etc. Mobi 3 is compatible with eye gaze devices from Alea, Eyetech DS, Tobii & LC.


Mobi 3 is passively cooled so no noisy fans. Furthermore, both WiFi and Bluetooth are integrated.



Mobi 3 can be turned on with an external switch but also by touching the screen. This feature prolongs the autonomy of the built-in battery substantially. The Mobi 3 standard battery provides sufficient power for a whole day.  



Performance Intel Pentium Quad-Core 1,6 - 2,5 GHz, 250GB Sold State HD, 4GB RAM
Screen 12 inch XGA (1024 x 768) wide-view, high-bright LED display, resistive or capacitive touchscreen
Connections 2 switches, 2 USBs
Audio Digital amplified stereo, headphone socket, integrated microphone
Software Windows 10 Enterprise met Mind Express 4
Speech RealSpeak (Nuance) or BrightSpeech (Acapela)
Weight 1.85KG (2 KG capacitive version)
Standard battery life 8 hours (continuous music video)

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