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AirO2bic Mouse

AirO2bic Mouse AirO2bic Mouse

The AirO2Bic™ has you place your hand in it, not on or around, it so you do not have to use the smaller muscle that can become injured.  Fatigue affects all muscles when they are under anything but a resting tension.  A Gripless, so "Functional Neutral" posture, one part of the Aerobic Mouse Anti.Fatigue™ strategy,  provides for lowest physiological load so helps to avoid the hours of muscle tension that can cut off the oxygen supply in muscles while they are tensed.

It makes it more comfort to work and limbs that are comfortable tend not to ache and if people don't ache they are less likely to injure!

It helps those with disability or who have developed impairments to work as effectively and productively as everyone else and reduce the likelihood of further impairment due to their circumstance.

More information: http://www.aerobicmouse.com/products/?productid=16


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