SOAR - Krown Pay Phone TTY
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Krown Pay Phone TTY

Krown Pay Phone TTY Krown Pay Phone TTY

This low profile TTY may be mounted on an existing pay phone shelf with any available flat surface measuring 9.5" W X 8.5" L X 1.25" H. The high-tech, stainless steel unit consists of a vandal-proof, sealed keyboard (to resist spilled liquids); bright, 20-character display screen; call progress indicator; and power switch. This is a direct-connect TTY that is hard-wired through the tip and ring terminals of the public telephone. Simply turn the power on and proceed with the TTY call as usual.


  • Works with almost all types of public telephone and popular enclosures.
  • Does not affect the use of the telephone by the hearing users.
  • Approved by the RDD - has also been accepted by several major telephone equipment providers.
  • Designed for easy installation

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