SOAR - Alerttile Detectable Warning
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Alerttile Detectable Warning

Alerttile Detectable Warning Alerttile Detectable Warning
  • Reinforced thermoset composite engineered for excellent wear and strength.
  • Safety-speckled surface for additional slip resistance.
  • Cross section of truncated dome showing dimensions.
  • Perimeter beveled-edge provides safe transition for pedestrians.
  • Innovative safety spars reinforce panel strength and increase traction for pedestrians.
  • In-line domes spaced on exact 2.35" centers (A.D.A. 4.29.2)
  • Pre-drilled anchor holes speed installation.
  • Exact required detectable warning length.
  • Exact required detectable warning width.
  • Powder coated screw heads make attractive finished product.

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