SOAR - Haber Liquidator Splash Goggles
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Haber Liquidator Splash Goggles

Haber Liquidator Splash Goggles Haber Liquidator Splash Goggles

The Haber Liquidator Chemical Splash Goggle features a unique combination of lightweight comfort, OTG (over the glass) capability and flexible fit. Soft, pliable material molds around the nose, cheeks and forehead for a custom fit to both wide and narrow faces. Indirect ventilation minimizes fogging while providing superior splash and impact protection. The ANSI Z-87+ impact rated lens offers anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-static, and anti-UV protection.

Includes Eliminator No-Fog Fan Module: When humidity rises inside the goggle, a sensor activates a fan and the warm moist air is evacuated. When humidity returns to acceptable levels, the fan turns off. It’s completely automatic. Removable and transferable so you’re free to move it from goggle to goggle.

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