SOAR - KL1 Pharmacy Tablet Counter
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KL1 Pharmacy Tablet Counter

KL1 Pharmacy Tablet Counter KL1 Pharmacy Tablet Counter
  • Preferred Counting Technology: Best-selling tablet counter worldwide. Easier, faster, and more accurate than outdated scales and cumbersome tray-and-spatula methods.
  • Fast: The KL1 handles a 60-count Rx an average of 6.3 seconds faster than hand-counting, and 14.3 seconds faster for a 90-count Rx.
  • Essential Inventory Tool: Maintain absolute inventory accuracy, especially for controlled medications (manual counting is only 95% accurate at best).
  • Design Update: Better accommodates a variety of pouring techniques.
  • Free Up Time, Redeploy Staff: Using a Kirby Lester tablet counter frees up valuable time for customer service and profit-driving initiatives.

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