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Ongo Stand

Ongo Stand Ongo Stand

The Ongo Stand is specifically designed for ergonomic supported standing. The seat provides a contoured platform to support your weight comfortably, but slopes gently down and away behind your thighs, minimizing potential pressure points. Meanwhile, your legs are active and engaged in a near-standing position.

Ongo Stand is the perfect complement to an adjustable desk. With a height range of 11.5", Ongo Stand accommodates stances from almost-sitting to almost-standing. The seat's cylinder fits into a pliable rubber gasket in the solid 3-prong base. The fixed base gives you a solid foundation, while the gasket adds flex and movement that keeps your legs and core engaged..

More information: https://www.ergodepot.com/seats/solutions/sit-stand-seating/ongo-stand.html


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