SOAR - Sip/Puff Switch with Gooseneck
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Sip/Puff Switch with Gooseneck

Sip/Puff Switch with Gooseneck Sip/Puff Switch with Gooseneck

Strong, lightweight and versatile, the Sip/Puff Gooseneck features a universal clamp that securely attaches to table tops, beds and wheelchairs. The flexible steel gooseneck and the ball-and-socket mount enable easy and secure mouthpiece positioning. The filtered mouthpiece is replaceable and a thin, pliable connecting tube interfaces to Sip/Puff Switch with a simple twist connector. Gooseneck with universal clamp. Sip/Puff Switch. 1 - 6-foot (1.8-meter) tube with pneumatic connectors at both ends. 4 - filtered mouth pieces. 1 - mono connector cable. 1 - stereo connector cable.

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