SOAR - ZyBox 2-VO “Voice Over” for iOS
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ZyBox 2-VO “Voice Over” for iOS

 ZyBox 2-VO (L)  ZyBox 2-VO (L) ZyBox 2-VO “Voice Over” for iOS

The ZyBox 2-VO is an easy way to use control switches to operate your iPad or other iOS device. Connect the ZyBox 2-VO to your iPad using the 30-pin or Lightning connector, snap in one, two, or three control switches with 3.5mm plugs, and you have access to the entire iPad and any or all apps that are compatible with the iOS Voice Over (VO) commands.

The ZyBox 2-VO has two modes to operate your iOS device: auditory queuing of available Voice Over commands, and a secondary keyboard mode to allow you to send keyboard strokes as required on some apps.

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